Hello from Kansas City.

Heather Physioc in front of Flower Display at Duke of York Square in London, UK

Based in Kansas City, I’m a landscape and wildlife photographer and writer focused on documenting our natural world’s raw beauty and intricacies. My work is not merely about aesthetics; it’s a visual documentation that I hope illustrates and informs in an engaging way – and inspires people to care.

From untouched landscapes to the nuanced behaviors of wildlife and the diverse cultures of humanity, each image I capture and story I write serves as a testament to the world’s complexity and interdependence.

In an age where the environment faces unprecedented challenges, my objective is to use my lens and my platform to foster a genuine connection between viewers and the subjects I portray. It’s my hope that this connection not only evokes appreciation but also spurs action towards conservation and understanding.

Select prints available to purchase from my Zenfolio. I’m proud to allocate a portion of my proceeds to support wildlife conservation and environmental protection. By supporting my work, you’re also championing cause that seeks to safeguard our planet for future generations.